Help Support Ford County Special Athletes!

Ford County Special Athletes provides for local participation of bowling as part of the Eastern Prairie region (Area #8) of Special Olympics of Illinois ( Residents of Ford County and/or those living within the GCMS/PBL school districts with disabilities can join with no fee. Our local agency provides for the cost of bowling, shoe rentals, t-shirts, tournament transportation, and an award meal. I volunteer my time as coach and pay for all of the above expenses out-of-pocket, then request monthly reimbursement from our administrative agent (PBL Special Athletes-Agency #37). Donations to Special Olympics of Illinois goes directly to the state agency and are then disbursed to the regional agencies. As a local agency, we receive support and training from the region, but no direct funds from such donations filter down to the local level. We raise all of our own funds through donations. In Illinois, bowling is the most popular Special Olympic sport with the longest season. As a result, bowling is expensive (an average of $87.50/athlete). It would be great to know that the money needed to provide this opportunity to a dozen local athletes would already be in place.


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