Procedures for Requesting an Initial Special Education Evaluation – These are the steps to follow when requesting a special education evaluation from either GCMS or PBL.  The same steps may be used when requesting an evaluation for a student who already has an IEP.

Area Adult Transition Agencies – This page has a list of agencies who will work with and support students with disabilities after high school in the areas of employment, education and/or training, and independent living.

Parents Rights 2017 – These are the legal safeguards afforded the parents/guardians of students with disabilities as adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Special Education Procedures (Revised 2009) – These are the procedures adopted by both PBL and GCMS as recommended by the Illinois Council of School Attorneys.

REGION 3 Transition Resource Packet  – The purpose of this manual is to assist families of young adults with developmental disabilities with the transition from the school system and services for children to the world of work and adult services.

Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 – This is the federal legislation that requires schools to provide a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to qualifying students with disabilities.

Illinois State Board of Education Special Education

Behavioral Intervention Policy and Behavioral Intervention Procedures

Eligibility Determination Criteria rev4.10 – Current eligibility criteria as adopted by PBL and GCMS.

Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center

Central Affiliation for Special Education (CASE) Audiology

The Autism Program of Illinois – TAP Service Network

C-U Autism Network (Champaign-Urbana)

Champaign County Down Syndrome Network

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